Housing Society Management Software

Housing Society Management Software 1.0

Provides full control over the tenants in a flat and deals with financial deals
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Controls all aspects of the tenants and flat management and provides the tools to manage financial details. Includes documents password protection, fast calculation of reports, members database, bills database, as well as modules to automate the process of report generation and bills.

Housing Society Management Software is a user friendly software. You don't need to have any previous accounting experience to work with it.
Main features:
- Assign the one time charges of members. Thereafter you need not to remember the charges during bill preparation.
- Charges can be saved as per different dates. So that bill will be generated automatically with different amount of charge as per date specified.
- Bills can be Prepared manually / automatically. Bill creation of all members with single click Bill can be generated as per multiple of months (i.e. monthly, quarterly, half yearly etc.)
- Due day of bill can be assigned.
- Late charges can be assigned as percentage of balance amount, fix charges as per days or fix charges percentage as per days.
- Keep the record to be remembered.
- Different queries and printout to extract information.
- Backup and recovery.
- Can be operated using PEN drive, so that user can carry software any where.

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